Can You Keep a Secret?

We have kept a tremendous secret about a popular culture phenomenon for years as we wrote our forthcoming book. This is not a secret of limited scope like “Who shot JR?,” “Who killed Laura Palmer?,” or “Who was unknowingly a Cylon?” We have written about a secret so big it encompasses every aspect of an entire multi-year television series – so big that we call it The Secret. Although over 600 pages, this book will be only the first installment of our discoveries.

Benjamin Franklin said, “Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead.” Fortunately, we are proof that two can keep a secret if they love and trust each other as we do. Protecting The Secret as we sought to create a work befitting its scope was at times a burden. We kept it from computer hackers, nosy neighbors, and inquisitive family; we shielded it from movers, repair people, and cleaning crews. We have a secret, but we do not want to keep it; we truly will be glad to share The Secret with you.

To the best of our knowledge, no one else has discovered The Secret. The creator of this television masterpiece has chosen to remain silent. We doubt that any of the actors know The Secret. If Ben Franklin at his pessimistic best was right, surely someone would have revealed the truth by now.

Other artists have kept secrets concerning their work; shortly, we will present a couple of examples. Motives for withholding information about great achievements can be puzzling, especially if an artist takes it to the grave.
The Secret has been open to discovery by anyone merely by watching the relevant series. We received no privileged communications or insider gossip to arrive at our discovery; we intentionally refrained from contacting anyone connected with the show in question. At least one of us is smart, and the other is clever, so that helped.

Do we expect you to be able to guess the name of the series and the specifics of The Secret from reading this book? Not really. We will explain some aspects of The Secret and share a few hints with you, but not enough to make it easy to guess the truth. If you do correctly deduce the series and The Secret within it, your solution will not be confirmed until our major book comes out, but you could have the satisfaction of having your guess vindicated.

However, we put a lot of effort in our primary work into honing a discovery process leading up to the amazing, but also disturbing, revelation. For many, following the planned step-by-step disclosure will cushion the shock of learning the truth. A limited version of our effort is shared with you in this book.

Simply knowing The Secret exists, that it permeates a popular television show, is major. Paradigms matter. Not knowing The Secret is out there is one of the greatest obstacles to perceiving it. Now you know.

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