Additional Secrets Encoded

This chapter presents an encrypted appendix of the revelations not included in [Book Title]. Despite the extensive nature of this volume, much had to be excluded due to the wealth of material. Merely presenting a list of additional sources and concepts that influence the [the Series] universe would not do them justice.

After The Secret was discovered, quickly announcing its existence was tempting; upon careful consideration, we realized such haste would not produce an optimal outcome. In addition, the ramifications of The Secret took quite a while to explore and comprehend; that task may be ongoing long after it is widely known.

Examining [the Series] in light of The Secret revealed the multiple layers of allusions built into these works and the amazing artistic achievement they represent. Whatever else may be crafted in the future, [the Series Creator’s] successful deception on a grand scale, through his unique creation of a reality-manipulating avatar with a hidden role, will always be a true first of its kind. Nothing less than doing full justice to what was there to be discovered would be a worthy response.

The encrypted appendix documents additional layers in [the Series] and so much more. Both delightful and dark surprises are yet to come. While we are proud of the extent of our finds, the purpose is not to boast of our insights, but to lay prior claim to the wealth of discoveries made before The Secret was public knowledge. Our book trumpets [the Series Creator’s] feat in presenting his creation in a way that was subtly hidden but discoverable. Moreover, it is a measure of his accomplishment that simply knowing The Secret provides a master key to unlock many of the rich artistic references hidden in his works.


Parts of the appendix will be unencrypted as the relevant material is presented in subsequent books. You do not need to learn to encrypt or decrypt anything, but we would like to acquaint those of you who have a technical interest in encryption with the method we employed.

Readers who do not share our enthusiasm for codes may safely skip the rest of this unencrypted introduction. While the techniques used are public knowledge, even encryption experts may appreciate how they are employed here to document discoveries securely.

No one should ever consider using an alphabet substitution code for any serious purpose. Replacing each letter of the alphabet with one alternate letter or symbol is so subject to decryption by frequency analysis and other well-established techniques that you are no better off than writing the message in the clear.

A literally perfect method of concealing information with a secret key actually exists: the one-time pad. In a nutshell, simply list letters selected by a random process to create a key as long as the message to be encrypted. Add the alphabetic place order number of the message letters to those of the key letters to obtain the place order number of the resulting cipher letter (when the sum exceeds the number of letters in the alphabet, i.e. 26, then subtract 26 from that sum before obtaining a cipher letter – in the operation called “modulo 26”).

To briefly illustrate, given the word cat and the randomly generated letters “EJR,” message letter “C” (place order number 3) matched to key letter “E” (place order number 5) results in cipher letter “H” (3 + 5 = 8th letter of the alphabet); message letter “A” (place order number 1) matched to key letter “J” (place order number 10) results in cipher letter “K” (1 + 10 = 11); message letter “T” (place order number 20) matched to key letter “R” (place order number 18) results in cipher letter “L” (20 + 18, minus 26 = 12). Given the randomly generated “ejr,” the encoded equivalent of cat would be “hkl.”

A truly random process for letter selection is essential; using pseudo-random algorithms to generate a key creates a vulnerability to attack by key replication. What is a simple recipe for truly random letter selection providing a valid key for a one-time pad? Add 26 identical tokens, each marked with one letter of the alphabet, to a container and shake vigorously between each instance of removing, recording, and replacing an individual letter token.

Because the key letters used for a one-time pad are random, the resulting cipher letters convey no information about the original message. Since the random key is used only once, even an opponent with unlimited computing resources would have nothing to compute and no way to break such a code.

As a good practice, cipher texts are usually written by arranging them into groups of a standard number of letters – typically five. Omitting the spaces between words in the original message prevents giving clues about those words. After deciphering, parsing the resulting letters back into individual words is an easy task left for the message recipient to perform.

Ironically, full use of a one-time pad protocol would actually be too effective for the purposes of this encrypted appendix. The withheld secret key could make the cipher text letter groups say anything – and allow alterations after publication simply by changing the withheld secret key. What is needed here is a format that preserves the secrecy of selected information but establishes that the meaning of encoded data cannot be changed after publication without alterations becoming apparent.

Modern cryptographic techniques – notably including public key protocols – use “trapdoor functions,” which are easy to accomplish in one direction but hard to perform in reverse. For example, multiplying large prime numbers together is easy; factoring their product back into those large primes is computationally intensive – thus making public key cryptography hard to break. A variation on this idea is applied here to give the required properties to the encoded information in our appendix.

The process chosen makes it easy to create cipher text from a given specific plain text but almost impossible to reverse this process by going from the published cipher text back to a different plain text. The difficulty of altering the message, consistent with the cipher text as published, provides strong evidence that the original meaning of what was encoded has not been changed after publication.

In a deliberate departure from standard practices, this process retains the punctuation and spaces between words in the original text for the cipher text. To protect content secrecy, a one-time pad key is applied to randomize each individual letter of the text. As an additional refinement that makes undetected alterations difficult, a “checksum” is created for each paragraph by totaling the place order numbers of the letters in the original version. For convenience of reference, each paragraph is sequentially numbered and the checksum of its letters is written at its end.

Of course, such a format makes the encrypted information subject to decryption attempts based on the lengths of words and patterns of word usage in sentences – especially common ones involving articles like “the” and conjunctions such as “and.” However, an example will illustrate why sufficient functionality remains.

Assume that such techniques could be applied to reveal “An artist alluded to is _ _ _ _ _.” The possible names to complete this sentence include not only similar ones like “Manet” and “Monet” but also any five-letter one – even one as different as “Degas.” No further information about the name can be ascertained from the given data. (If the correct artist is identified by analyzing the series’ content, then that knowledge is earned as an independent discovery – rather than merely being determined by deciphering appendix information.)

To illustrate the use of checksums, the example sentence with the correct artist filled in has place order numbers for its letters that add up to 277. Even the one letter difference between “Manet” and “Monet” would change this checksum. Attempting to compensate by modifying the letters in other words – while leaving the lengths of all words unchanged, and simultaneously, maintaining a coherent presentation – shows the difficulty in altering after publication what was encoded.

The 24 letters in the sample sentence:

“An artist alluded to is _ _ _ _ _.”

can be encrypted with the following one-time pad key of 24 randomly generated letters:

The resulting cipher text reads as follows:

Using the provided key will allow you to decrypt the last five letters of the cipher text and confirm the name of the artist for this example.


The numbered paragraphs of encrypted data follow. Selected portions will be deciphered and appropriately presented in future books, provided online, or communicated in other ways. Even in the form of brief essentials about sources of allusion, they reveal the truly amazing scope of what was hidden by The Secret.

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