For years a secret manipulator has remained hidden in a favorite television show. This character has controlled events and people to the extent that every episode requires re-interpretation in light of what our authors call The Secret. Numerous secrets about people, places, and consequences are hidden in this television series.

Luminous Cite is thrilled to participate in bringing to public awareness a wonder of artistic achievement. Despite that trite old saying, there can be something new under our sun. Authors Esther and William Powers have devoted years to research and writing in order to present their discovery to you.

The concept of what a television show can achieve is about to undergo a major escalation. A series already held in esteem by many will gain a new following and invigorated respect.

Would You Like to Know a Secret? introduces you to the basics of this revolutionary re-evaluation of a popular television series – to the fact that an epic secret is hidden in television.

The preview provided here not only presents the Table of Contents and the first chapter of Would You Like to Know a Secret? but two chapters from the portions of the book that are excerpted from the major work to follow.

These chapters have been [Redacted] to conceal the identity of the television series, but remain clearly readable. Redacted excerpts from more than a dozen chapters of the book revealing The Secret and its corollaries are found in Would You Like to Know a Secret?

Another unique feature of one of the chapters here is that it presents encrypted revelations of aspects of The Secret; some of these secrets will be decrypted only in books following the major one.

After reading the book, if you think you have a good guess please go to “Join In!” and enter your choice and the reason for your answer.

You won’t know if you’re right until the major book is released; however, if you are the first to guess correctly the television series and the behind-the-scenes manipulator – with a plausible justification – you will receive a free copy of the book that tells all about The Secret.

Luminous Cite